Why it’s silly to fly

This article serves to compare between chartering a van and taking domestic flights between Singapore and Malaysia.

For small group of travelers, the cost may be more or less the same between taking a long-distance coach versus flying, and the cost of chartering a van may work out to be more expensive (though more comfortable) when the cost is divided among them.

However, for a group of, say, 10 travelers, I would go to the extent of saying it is “silly” to fly.

There is a general misconception that flying is always faster and more comfortable. How can a low cost airline seat be more comfortable than an excursion van? Also, chartering a van gives you full flexibility whereas when you have booked your flights it’s usually cost-prohibitive to amendments.

Here is a comparison in Singapore Dollars.

Scenario: 10 passengers traveling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Cheap budget airline promo SIN-KUL airfare: 10 * $44 = $440
Total 140kg check-in luggage: 7* $18 = $126
3 taxis to Changi Airport: 3 x $25 = $75
3  taxis from KL to Hotel: 3 x $30 = $90
Total cost: $731

Chartered 10-pax van:
1 day charter: $600 (savings of $131!)
A single-day charter comes with 8 hours of use – so after hotel check-in you can still use the charter to bring you to nearby attractions!

Time wise?
Taxi trip to Changi Airport: 0.5 hour
Reach Airport 2 hours before Departure: 2 hours
Take off till Landing: 1 hour  (note the risk in delay here)
Baggage & Customs clearance: 0.5 hour
Taxi queue and trip to hotel: 1 hour

Time taken to reach Hotel if flying:  at least 5 hours
Time taken to reach Hotel via chartered van?  4 hours!

You save at least 1 hour in traveling time and also money!

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