10 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Chauffeured Private Tour – with Us

1. Other means of transports may have rigid schedules and designated boarding/alighting locations.
Time is precious when you’re on vacation. Why waste time waiting for scheduled transports, or spend more money and time on transfers? With a chauffeured private tour, we pick you up from anywhere you requested, go to exactly where you want to go, at the timing you asked for!

2. Long waiting time for group travels
A coach carries about 24 passengers while a private van only carries a fraction of that. Even if you are sharing with other travelers,  there’s only a handful of us! We get less of the “sorry please wait while one of the kid in our group is still in the toilet”.

3. No need to alight to clear Singapore/Malaysian immigration customs
Compared to coaches, a private tour takes away so much pain! Imagine lugging your bags and luggage and queuing up to clear customs in such a hot and humid weather! A to-and-fro trip between 2 countries means 4 customs to clear!

4. Flexibility in your itinerary
Be in control of your itinerary. You can full control over the sequence of the attractions, or simply skip one if you want to make time for something else. Or should your kids are having a great time at Legoland you might want to stay a little longer!

5. Possible “harassment” of foreign visitors to Malaysia at Malaysian customs
Sometimes, even with all the required documents like a valid passport and visa, the immigration customs officer at Malaysia may still try to make things difficult for foreigners in an attempt to induce small bribes (about RM50-100). They have the power to decline entry, and they can also stop you from exiting, or they can simply “question” you in their office. We can save you from the ordeals!

6. A local chauffeur with all the language skills and culture knowledge
Having a personal chauffeur makes you feel so much secure and relaxed in a foreign country, especially if you don’t speak the native language. Being a multi-racial country, there also exist a mixture of other languages and cultures – which also means there are more netiquettes to take note of to prevent misunderstanding with the local people.

7. Security and Safety
Your personal chauffeur acts as your personal security guard. Our chauffeurs are all big-built. We assume would-be robbers would pick easier targets. Snatch thefts and robberies are still quite common in Malaysia, although they are rare in Singapore.

8. Local delights
Travel groups usually bring tourists to touristy places and most of them those places are only meant for tourists! You want to experience local taste, so you ought to be going to places where the locals go! Our chauffeur can bring you to experience the true tastes, at the true prices!

9. Discounted admission tickets to attractions
Sometimes, our chauffeurs can help you save money by buying discounted admission tickets to attractions. Why buy at the full price? Why queue up to buy yourself?

10. Say No to pressure shopping
Many group tours include mandatory shopping points which you cannot opt out from – unless you pay a penalty. We do not and will never bring you to a place you did not consent to go to.

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